Vulnerable adults

Disability, illness, exclusion – a lack of respect for vulnerable adults causes marginalisation in our society.

Our members provide specialist care to people with learning and physical disabilities to enable them to reach their full potential. Equally people who find themselves at the margins of society, through imprisonment, migration, illness or lack of education are given the support and respect to rebuild their lives.

Sector: Vulnerable adults

Caritas Anchor House

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Caritas Anchor House is an award winning and nationally acclaimed residential / life skills centre in East London for single homeless people. We support homeless and vulnerable people to turn their lives around through addressing the root causes of their issues through training, education and personal rehabilitation.

Apostleship of the Sea


The Apostleship of the Sea’s mission is the spiritual and welfare support of all seafarers visiting Great Britain without regard to any factor other than their need.

Cabrini Children’s Society

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Cabrini transforms the lives of children, their families and the communities they live in by giving them roots and wings – a sense of self-worth and the chance to fly towards their potential. Our range of innovative services includes OFSTED Outstanding adoption and fostering services, as well as post-adoption support… More

Catholics for Aids Prevention and Support (CAPS)


We are a network of Catholics in Britain and Ireland promoting HIV prevention and support. We aim to be a voice in the church for people living with HIV / AIDS and a Catholic voice in the world of HIV / AIDS.  Our  mission is to promote education and prevention,… More

Caritas Care

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Caritas Care provides adoption, fostering, learning disability services & community projects in Cumbria, Lancashire & Greater Manchester.

Caritas Westminster

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Caritas Diocese of Westminster (CDOW) is an agency of the Diocese that connects diocesan agencies, charities and statutory agencies with local initiatives such as parish projects. The work of Caritas is complemented by The John Southworth Fund, the Deaf Service, and St Joseph Pastoral Centre.

Catholic Agency for Racial Justice (CARJ)

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CARJ is an independent charity and an Agency of the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales, established in 1984. CARJ works to support people from diverse backgrounds, Catholic Dioceses and Parishes, raises awareness and provides education for racial justice, promotes spiritual growth and development, and undertakes advocacy.  

Catholic Care, Leeds

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Catholic Care is a charitable organisation working on behalf of the diocese of Leeds. Over a hundred years of pioneering social work has developed Catholic Care as one of the leading charities in the North of England, caring for children, older people, disabled and disadvantaged people of all ages. Our… More


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