About the network

The network is the core of CSAN’s work. It is formed of a family of 43 member organisations as well as friends including religious communities, dioceses and other Catholic social action groups.

The Network exists to:

  • Promote best practice of social care provision by organisations with a Catholic ethos
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration and sharing information between like-minded organisations
  • Form a strong common voice for Catholic social action

How can a member organisation use the network?

  • Join a forum

At present, we run five forums: Directors’ Forum, Schools Services Forum, Older People’s Services Forum, a Fundraising & Marketing Forum, Criminal Justice Forum and a Communications Forum.

These forums are led by the individual members involved. They provide an opportunity to share ideas, conduct topical research, reflect on service delivery, provide peer support and undertake specialised training.

  • Take part in a CSAN event

CSAN is frequently organising events for the network. These include: parliamentary receptions, conferences, reflections, seminars on Catholic Social Teaching and training workshops.

  • Gain new ideas, information and contacts

The network provides opportunities to exchange information and best practice. The diversity and experience of members provide the network with a wealth of knowledge and a wide range of professional contacts.


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The network

Get to know the network of charities and Dioceses working on the front line: