CSAN responds to government rehabilitation proposals

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CSAN has issued a response to the Ministry of Justice paper Transforming Rehabilitation: A revolution in the way we manage offenders.

Under Justice Secretary Chris Grayling the government is planning one of the most radical overhauls of the rehabilitation system, including contracting out management of ‘low and medium risk’ offenders to private companies or voluntary sector organisations, and linking funding to reduced re-offending rates.

CSAN’s response, which draws upon the experiences of member charities such as Depaul UK and Caritas Care, warns that without chages the proposals risk undermining vital support.

Liam Allmark, CSAN Public Affairs Officer explained:

“Rehabilitation is often a long and complex process involving constantly shifting goals. Witholding funding from an organisation because the person they are working with re-offends is not necessarily helpful. It may take a long time for someone to completely move away from crime, and they may be making progress in other areas such as tackling addiction or securing accomodation.” 


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