CSAN, CAFOD and JRS refugee resources

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CSAN, CAFOD and JRS, inspired by the Year of Mercy, have collaborated to produce two fantastic new resources in solidarity with refugees.

Lampedusa cross action card

The action features inspirational quotes from Pope Francis on the front and back. On the inside of the card, there’s an explanation of why the symbol of the Lampedusa Cross has been used:

“Sicilian carpenter Francesco Tuccio made rough crosses from the wreckage of a boat carrying refugees that sank off the island of Lampedusa. The crosses were offered to survivors as a symbol of their rescue and sign of hope.”

You are invited to write a message of hope for refugees on a tear-off part of the card, which will feature in a special event at the end of the year and shared with refugees in the UK and around the world.

You can order action cards directly from Caroline Grogan, 020 7633 4970,

Once filled out, you can return your action card with the following Year of Mercy refugee action organiser response form

“In this Year of mercy, Pope Francis invites us all to make a pilgrimage.” We have produced a range of group pilgrimages to be carried out wherever the group deems fitting.

To accompany the pilgrimages, available on the above link, we have 

 and a 

When you complete a group pilgrimage, ask your pilgrimage leader to return the 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Caroline Grogan, Communications and Media Officer.



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Asylum seekers and the right to work

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Many people are unaware that asylum seekers are prohibited by law from working. As it currently stands, more than 3,600 asylum seekers have been waiting more than six months for an initial decision on their cases and surviving on just over £5 a day.

CSAN is supporting Lord Alton of Liverpool’s amendment to the Immigration Bill that is currently going through Parliament, which would grant asylum seekers, who have not had their claim for asylum processed within six months, the right to work. CSAN is keen to ensure this amendment is upheld in the House of Commons and we are asking people to write to their MPs urging them to support the amendment. We would be very grateful if you could circulate the information below through your networks and encourage people to write to their MPs.

The change we want to see

On the 9 March 2016, an amendment tabled by Lord Alton of Liverpool to allow asylum seekers who have not had claim processed by the Home Office within six months the right to work was passed by the House of Lords by 280 votes to 195. Granting asylum seekers the right to work would enable them to protect their families from destitution.

The Home Office’s primary concern about allowing earlier access to employment is that it “risks making asylum more attractive for those who are otherwise not eligible to work in the UK”. However, there is little evidence that backs this up. If Lord Alton’s amendment was passed asylum seekers would only be allowed to work if the Home Office had not processed their claim within six months. This would encourage the Home Office to process claims in good time.

Catholic Social Teaching encourages us to focus on the dignity of migrants during the asylum process. The Church recognises the importance of work as an important human need and duty. We use work to express our personality and form relationships which help our self-esteem and mental health. The Church also teaches that allowing migrants to contribute to their new country through work better facilitates their integration into society.


We are urging parishioners, supporters and members to write to their MPs ahead of the Bill’s return to the House of Commons (expected towards the end of March – beginning of April) asking them to support the amendment.

If you do not know who your MP is, please use the website: You just have to type your postcode and the details of your MP will be provided.

To help, we have drafted a pro-forma letter which you can adapt (below).

Right to work letter to MPs

Thank you for taking the time to consider this important issue.

CSAN response to Homeless Inquiry

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CSAN House of Lords Immigration Bill Briefing

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Church and community night shelter network impact report

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CSAN House of Commons Immigration Bill briefing

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CSAN joint House of Lords briefing on the ‘two-child limit’ in the Welfare Reform and Work Bill

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CSAN House of Lords Welfare Reform and Work Bill briefing

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CSAN response to ‘Feeding Britain’ (APPG inquiry into Hunger and Food Poverty in the UK)

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CSAN response to Work and Pensions Select Committee ‘Benefit Delivery’ inquiry

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CSAN response to the Work and Pensions Select Committee ‘Welfare to Work’ inquiry

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CSAN House of Commons briefing on immigration detention

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JRF Monitoring poverty and social exclusion report

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The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the New Policy Institute have published this significant picture of poverty in the UK: 

Praying in solidarity with refugees

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 - JRS has produced a collection of spiritual poems, prayers and meditations for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany concluding with the World Day of Refugees and Migrants on Sunday 17 January.

Traveller Education in Prison

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October 2015 Newsletter

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Proclaim 15: legacy resources

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To relive Proclaim 15 and see the inspirational speeches from the day, go to:

You can also access additional resources by visiting:


Caritas reports: the impact of welfare changes

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Through the words of keyworkers, Chief Executive and clients, CSAN’s new report outlines the increased pressure on charities to provide support for vulnerable people in England and Wales.

Women and poverty

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A toolkit to encourage and enable Catholic women and others, inspired by Catholic Social teaching, to engage in the political processes relating to women’s poverty.


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