Migrants are not seen as entitled like others to participate in the life of society, and it is forgotten that they possess the same intrinsic dignity as any person. Hence they ought to be “agents in their own redemption”. No one will ever openly deny that they are human beings, yet in practice, by our decisions and the way we treat them, we can show that we consider them less worthy, less important, less human.

Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti, 39

There are a number of ways individuals and communities can get involved within their communities to support refugees and migrants.

To learn more about refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and how you can help, please see the CSAN Love the Stranger Call to Action:

To better understand resettlement and the various programmes available in the UK, please see the CSAN Guide to Resettlement:

If you are interested in hosting a refugee, there are a number of organisations running such schemes, including CSAN member Jesuit Refugee Service UK:

Other hosting schemes include:

If you are interested in supporting asylum seekers accommodated in your local area, we strongly encourage you to contact your local Caritas agency/CSAN member to learn how to best do this.

It is not encouraged for individuals to visit hotels and accommodation centres to provide individual support due to safeguarding concerns. To locate your local CSAN member, please see our site for our list of members:

CSAN has 52 member organisations and diocesan agencies, all of whom can be found on our website:

There is also a map of diocesan agencies, identifying the refugee support projects they are running: