Caritas Southwark aims to build a society based on justice, fraternal love and dignity for all, regardless of race, religion or worthiness, inspired by the example of Jesus Christ.


Caritas Southwark will work in collaboration with diocesan parishes and schools, as well as existing charities and organisations, to support them in building up a common bond of charity in serving people of all faiths and none.

The Commission will bring tangible assistance alongside hope and solidarity for the disadvantaged, as well as those experiencing poverty or discrimination. It will speak up for the poor, marginalised and those facing injustice, encouraging all to voice their experiences to build a fair society.

Caritas Southwark will strive to be the loving face of Jesus Christ to each person it encounters, enabling them to live a dignified existence and fulfil their God-given potential.

Priority Areas

  • Food and cost of living
  • Diversion from Youth Crime
  • Older people
  • Migrants and Refugees