Ukraine Toolkit

LAST UPDATED – September 2022

Responding to the War in Ukraine

We have been following the situation in Ukraine with dismay and with our prayers. The brutal conflict has triggered the largest war-related migration of people since the Balkan War of the 1990s. CSAN and CAFOD have made a joint statement (pdf, 0.2mb) about our roles in this situation, and receive regular updates on emerging needs from national Caritas agencies in the war region.

The Catholic community’s response to refugees has expressed a heartfelt compassion and practical support, for example in recent years through the Community Sponsorship Scheme for Syrian refugees, and for those displaced from Afghanistan. Pope Francis summarises the right response ‘to the arrival of migrating persons in four words: welcome, protect, promote and integrate’, and goes on to set out a list of ‘indispensable steps’ (Fratelli tutti, 129-130). CSAN and other Catholic charities have received many offers of support to help Ukrainian refugees, and we hope this resource will help to inform further practical responses.

About this resource

CSAN has received many enquiries from members of the public and Catholic organisations asking how they can help people caught up in the war in Ukraine. This resource is addressed mainly to the Catholic community in England and Wales, offering some answers on how to help. Please note that we do not offer advice on collection or transport of goods – see the section on donations.

Responses from the UK Government and civil society organisations continue to develop. CSAN will add to and amend this page as new details emerge.

We are very grateful to the Church of England’s Mission and Public Affairs Division for consent to re-use some of their materials with modifications in the first edition of this resource.