Caritas Birmingham prayer books inspire daily works of love

Caritas Archdiocese of Birmingham has produced a book of prayers and meditations for volunteers and staff.

The prayer book can be used at group meetings or by individuals undertaking visits and activities, as they dedicate their time and commitment to loving and serving others in the way that Christ commanded.

Fr Michael White, Chair of the executive committee of Caritas Archdiocese of Birmingham, said, “It’s not just individuals facing challenging situations who need divine help. Groups and communities do too. Anyone immersed in social action faces hard challenges all the time.” The prayers ask for guidance and strength to continue helping and serving others in the face of such challenges.

Fr Michael said: “Prayer not only calls on God to give us grace but also shapes our ministry; it reminds us of the purpose of our work, what we are called to and how to serve. In our prayer to God, God speaks to us and directs our actions.”

The prayer book has been created with the support of staff and students from Oscott College, the seminary of the Archdiocese of Birmingham, and others. Addicted to alcohol and a drug user, John (not his real name) is one person who has contributed to the book. John has been in and out of prison for ten years. In recent years, he has found comfort in praying and became a Catholic about two years ago. The book features one of his prayers, ‘To be Non-Judgemental.’

Copies, priced £2 in 2017, may be requested through the following channels:

  • Post – Caritas Prayer Book, c/o Father Hudson’s Care, St George’s House, Gerards Way, Coleshill B46 3FG
  • Telephone – Bev Smith on 01675 434005
  • Email –