Medaille Trust hosts Parliamentary Reception

The Medaille Trust was founded by several Catholic Religious congregations in 2006 to support victims of human trafficking in the UK. For 10 years, the Trust has delivered outstanding care and grown to meet the needs of the increasing number of victims.

There are currently outreach services and 9 safe houses with 84 beds across the UK available to men, women and children who have been freed from trafficking. By providing the opportunity for protection, psychological healing and rehabilitation, the Medaille Trust not only cares for traumatised victims, but also enables them to regain their dignity and self-worth.

On 17 January 2017, the dedicated team behind the charity hosted a Parliamentary Reception at the Houses of Parliament to celebrate its 10th anniversary with friends, colleagues and Parliamentarians.

Mike Emberson, CEO of the Medaille Trust, announced that the charity has helped over 1000 victims in total, and that this number will continue to grow with the opening of 2 more safe houses with 33 beds in London and the North.

“We could not have done things alone and I thank all of those who have been our partners on this journey”, said Mr Emberson, noting the contributions of the laity, clergy, religious orders, volunteers, law enforcement agencies, NGOs and governments.

Sir Julian Brazier MP and the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, were also in attendance. They thanked the Trust for its hard work over the last 10 years, and assured attendees that the Government is dedicated to ending human trafficking in the UK.

The Medaille Trust will soon join Caritas Social Action Network as our newest member, and we look forward to working with them and supporting their work.