Refugee Week 2024: Our Home

Refugee week is an annual festival, held UK-wide to recognise and celebrate refugees and people seeking sanctuary in the UK. Charities and organisations from across the UK hold events and campaigns to recognise and celebrate those who have sought sanctuary in the UK.

The theme for this year’s Refugee Week is OUR HOME. As we celebrate those who have made the UK their home, we reflect on what home means to us and how we can make our communities more welcoming to those seeking sanctuary. To read more on this theme, visit the Refugee Week website:

We encourage you to share your stories and experiences of supporting and celebrating refugees within your community. You may use the hashtag #LoveTheStranger alongside Refugee Week hashtags #RefugeeWeek #OurHome.

The below schedule lists some of the activities taking place during the week and links to resources. We encourage you to share it widely within your communities. It can also be downloaded at the link below.