Compassion into Action: Stories of Community Sponsorship

Compassion is a true mark of Christian character and the Catholic community across England and Wales has shown great compassion in welcoming, supporting and integrating resettled families via the Community Sponsorship Scheme.

We have collected stories of community sponsorship from across our network, highlighting the work of community groups and the impact they have had on the families they support. Click on the images to read more.

Sidmouth Companions, a community sponsorship group based in Sidmouth, Diocese of Plymouth, supported a Syrian family to be resettled to the UK.

The group leader, Brigid McEleney-Smith, spoke of the group’s sponsorship journey and shared some encouraging words for those looking to get involved.

Enfield Refugee Welcome, early adopters of the community sponsorship scheme, have welcomed three refugee families over the years.

The group spoke of how rewarding community sponsorship is for communities and the support they have received.

Since 2016, Caritas Salford have supported many Community Sponsorship groups to help resettle Syrian families.

They have collected some quotes from families who spoke of the challenges they have overcome and the importance of the support they received from their sponsorship group.