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Thu, December 18th at: 12:36 pm in:

Statement on International Migrants Rights Day: Caritas Europa reminds the EU that Frontex operation Triton will… More


Fri, December 12th at: 11:05 am in:

On World Human Rights Day, Caritas Europa calls on Europe to follow a recent position… More

Wed, December 10th at: 1:11 pm in:

Depaul UK has won the Fair Chance Fund grant to support homeless and disadvantaged young… More

Tue, December 9th at: 2:47 pm in:

Following the ‘Feeding Britain’ strategy report, which includes 77 recommendations to eliminate food poverty, CSAN’s… More

Wed, December 3rd at: 2:34 pm in:

CSAN (Caritas Social Action Network) today questioned why the Chancellor, George Osborne, had not taken… More

Tue, December 2nd at: 3:11 pm in:

‘Changing Lives’, an important book of real-life stories showing how volunteers have made a difference… More

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