Increased support for people with disabilities in parishes

CSAN member charities the Catholic Disability Fellowship (CDF) and the St Vincent de Paul Society (England and Wales) are launching a joint initiative to help raise awareness of, involvement in, and support for, people with disability in the Catholic Church in England and Wales. A key resource for this will be the ‘Parish Guide to Disability’, adapted from a resource developed by the US Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg.

Dr Ed Whelan, Vice Chairman of the National Council of CDF, said:

‘At present, an estimated 21% of people experience some form of disability, many of whom are vulnerable and needing support. Due to the pandemic and incidence of ‘long Covid’, this percentage is likely to increase. We are grateful that membership of CSAN has facilitated the link between our organisations, and also for the recent launch of the ‘Caritas in Practice’ resource. We hope to contribute to at least five of the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching listed there.’

The Parish Guide to Disability is available to download from CSAN’s website.


Picture credit: Diocese of Westminster. Re-used with permission.