Together for the Common Good is an Ecumenical Partner Member of CSAN.

Together for the Common Good (T4CG) is a charity working to strengthen the bonds of social trust. We help people across the churches play their part to rebuild a culture of mutual responsibility that overcomes division and which puts the human person, community and relationships first.

Our work calls and resources people, churches and organisations to fulfil their vocational responsibility by putting Common Good principles into practice. We draw from across the Christian traditions, and in particular from Catholic Social Teaching.

We believe that with the right capacity-building, churches, Christian agencies and especially lay people, can play an important role in helping civil society to flourish, and do so in alignment with the Church’s mission.

T4CG partners with a range of individuals and organisations to provide our Common Good training for lay people, schools and church leaders for the benefit of the wider community. T4CG offers online and offline resources, provides strategic advice, and from time to time, holds public events. The T4CG newsletter communicates Common Good information to a broad ecumenical readership.

Building relationships is at the heart of the way we work. We are volunteer-driven and always work in partnership. We are non-partisan and our inspirational roots are in the constructive role played by church leaders working together for the good of the city in Liverpool a generation ago.