Apostleship of the Sea visits ship crew after incident

Catholic seafarers’ charity Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) visited the crew of a ship after the vessel sustained a hole in its side.

The incident occurred on March 25 while the ship was leaving its berth in Southampton port in Hampshire. Fortunately no one was injured.

AoS Southampton assistant port chaplain Peter Morgan had visited the ship’s crew several times while the vessel was working in port.

He went on board the ship again to find out how the crew were after hearing about the incident.

“The crew are upbeat and I am in regular contact with a few of them via Facebook. We are ensuring that the crew can communicate with their families while they wait for repair work to be completed,” he said.

Peter added AoS will continue to visit the ship whilst it is still in port to support the crew.

Last year AoS port chaplains in the South Coast of England visited 1,211 ships and provided seafarers with faith, pastoral and practical support.

This included celebrating Mass on board 13 ships and providing seafarers with faith needs on 540 ships.