Membership of Caritas Social Action Network reaches fifty

Caritas Social Action Network is delighted to announce three new members:

  • Caritas Hexham and Newcastle provides vision, support, encouragement and a voice for change, bringing together works of mercy and outreach across the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.
  • Million Minutes works to create a world where all young people enjoy a life of dignity and are accompanied to discover and fulfil their purpose through social action.
  • Young Christian Workers (YCW) is a Movement run for, by and amongst young people, working for a world where young people can make a difference, where they can “Be the Difference”.

Daisy Srblin, Director of Million Minutes, said,

‘We are so excited to be joining the CSAN family. Over the last ten years we have been motivated by the gifts of Catholic Social Teaching, and believe that they can inspire and resource young people’s vital participation in the world. And at a time when young people are faced with unprecedented economic, educational and social challenges, including an unstable future, as a result of the pandemic, the Church’s offer to them arguably matters more than ever. We can’t wait to share the Holy Father’s call of a ‘church with open doors’ for all young people via our pioneering ‘beacon’ parish scheme, with network members.’

Marc Besford, National President of YCW, said,

‘I am really pleased that the YCW has been able to join Caritas Social Action Network. I hope with this new partnership we can grow stronger and help both organisations reach more people, especially when education has been interrupted, jobs lost or at risk, opportunities are harder to find and there are other challenges that will impact on young people’s futures. My hope is that together we can voice these and other concerns that affect young people.’

CSAN’s CEO Phil McCarthy commented: 

‘I am pleased to welcome these three organisations into membership of our flourishing network. Caritas Hexham and Newcastle is the fifteenth Caritas diocese to be established in England and Wales. Four more are in formation. I am particularly pleased that we have been joined by two members focused on youth. If the Church is to build back after the Covid-19 pandemic, we will need the energy and enthusiasm that young people can bring to our social outreach and work for justice.’