Advocacy Priorities 2018-20

CSAN’s national advocacy remit covers a wide array of social, cultural, economic, environmental and moral matters for individuals, families and communities. Our focus as an agency of the Catholic bishops in England and Wales is on people living in these countries. We share too in the Catholic Church’s evolving tradition on human ecology, migration and environmental stewardship. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2016-30, to which the UK Government has committed, offer a framework for CSAN’s long-term advocacy at home, aligned with the Church’s engagement at continental and international levels.

Since 2017, CSAN’s approach to advocacy has been proactive: we bring together Catholic social teaching, thought and practice in England and Wales, in new ways, on matters that require national and regional attention. We extend Catholic social thought in areas that are critical in our national context but have yet to be explored in the global Church’s formal documents. In 2017-18, we developed foundations for new social action on the housing, planning and land systems, for the period 2018-30 (aligned with the timeframe for SDGs). The bishops have commended this work for action by leaders of Catholic organisations. From 2018-20, our focus is on care in an ageing society. In late 2020, we intend to undertake a first national survey, in collaboration with the Church of England and Church Urban Fund, of social concerns and action in all Catholic parishes in England and Wales.

Advocacy is undertaken within our resources, through connections with other churches and ecclesial communities, and with related organisations.  CSAN is a corporate member of various national groups and coalitions. In addition, highly specialist advocacy is undertaken independently by experts within the Network’s membership.

For more information, please email in the first instance.

Picture: Ford Madox Brown, Jesus Washing Peter’s Feet, 1852-6