Lent Resources

Below are ideas for some of our Caritas Members on how to complement your fasting and prayer this Lent:

Caritas Diocese of Brentwood is inviting you to collect items throughout Lent, by following their Lenten Giving Calendar.

Within its Diocese, Brentwood are blessed with both rural and urban areas, from the natural countryside to modern cityscapes. The soaring cost of living and inflation has affected us all in various ways, but most of all for those on the lowest incomes or those living in rural areas where public transport is not available and the choice to pay for fuel over food is an impossible decision. The Lenten Giving Calendar is designed to encourage people to collect items that can be placed into a box or container, topped with an Easter Egg, and then donated to your local foodbank just in time for Holy Week. Foodbanks are there to support anyone in need, no matter the reason and your food and essential donations can ensure that food banks continue to provide emergency parcels, as well as practical and emotional support.

Whether you are an individual, family, catechist, chaplain, form class, teacher, friend group, or parish priest, please share with us if you take part in our activity this Lent, as Brentwood would love to share good news and good practice across the Diocese: caritas@dioceseofbrentwood.org.

See more ideas and resources through the Caritas Brentwood website.

The Good Shepherd annual initiative helps Caritas Shrewsbury not only raise funds for the charity, but more importantly, raises awareness of those in need in the local communities.

The campaign was successfully relaunched by Caritas in February 2022 using original artwork created by one of their very own volunteers.  The visuals were incredibly well received by schools and parishes alike.  In 2023, Caritas Shrewsbury are hoping to exceed expectations and continue to assist our supporters as they grow ever more inventive with their fundraising ideas!  All funds are used to help Caritas to continue working with those in need on our communities.

To download campaign, please click here. If you’d like to download and print some stickers, please click here. Click here to view the school fundraising ideas PDF so you can download and print as you wish! Or to make a donation, please complete and return the donation form below: Good Shepherd Donation Form.