New CEO appointed at youth homelessness charity Depaul UK

Youth homelessness charity, Depaul UK has appointed Alexia Murphy as its new CEO. Alexia stepped up and into the role after working as Depaul UK’s Executive Director of Operations for eight years.

Sandeep Katwala, Chair for Depaul UK said: I am delighted to announce that Alexia Murphy has been confirmed in post as CEO of Depaul UK. Alexia has been with the charity for over eight years, as Executive Director of Operations, then Deputy CEO and most recently as Interim CEO. 

“Alexia has moved into this role at a critical time within the sector. With the cost-of-living crisis a reality for so many, the combined impact of increased debt, spiralling bills and low incomes is exacerbating family and relationship breakdowns, driving more young people to become at risk of homelessness, and the need for our services increasing rapidly. I know the organisation will be in excellent hands under her leadership as we take Depaul UK forward.”

Alexia Murphy, CEO of Depaul said: “I’m delighted to be appointed as the new CEO for Depaul UK. I have worked in the homelessness sector for more than 30 years and at Depaul UK since 2015. 

“I am so proud of the innovative approach Depaul UK takes to tackle youth homelessness, and its commitment to creating better long-term outcomes for young people has always driven me. We must also ensure we focus our efforts on the hardest-to-reach communities – those without access to even the most basic services. 

“Stepping into this role is a huge honour and I’d like to thank Mike Thiedke, ex CEO for Depaul UK, for his guidance and leadership over the last five years.” 

In 2022, Depaul UK worked with more than 8,000 people at risk of or experiencing homelessness, which includes supporting them to find accommodation, stability, and employment opportunities. The charity operates services across England, in London and the South East, the North East, South Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, and Cheshire.  

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Alexia Murphy, CEO Depaul UK