New resource for parishes and Christians living with HIV

Catholics for AIDS Prevention and Support (CAPS – CSAN member) has launched a new website to support Christians living with HIV.

The resource includes three video series featuring a range of people living with HIV and Christian leaders, and a library of additional resources.  The material aims to:

  • Encourage and support Christians struggling with their HIV diagnosis
  • Improve awareness of why faith is important to many people with HIV
  • Motivate and train parishes to engage with HIV: starting conversations about HIV, providing welcome and including people living with HIV
  • Signpost professionals in the health and HIV / sexual health sectors addressing these issues in their work.

Jim McManus, Director of Hertfordshire Public Health, and project sponsor, said, “If churches are sometimes uncomfortable about HIV, health services still feel uncomfortable about faith. This resource seeks to bridge that gap. I encourage anyone to spend a little time listening to what people with HIV are telling us about needs and priorities, including faith.”

Duncan Selbie, Director of Public Health England which funded the project, said, “Faith plays a critical part for many in keeping well and in helping others. Catholics for AIDS Prevention and Support has taken a lead on AIDS prevention. Positive Faith is a fabulous, pragmatic expression of faith being about life and in this case people living with HIV.”